A very simple webtoy to visualize pipeline hazards https://peace.uber.space/hazardtoy
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Hazardtoy is a small webtoy meant to demonstrate how pipeline hazards work.

It shows data-hazards like read-after write as well as branch hazards.

Allowed Instructions

To keep the code to a minimum because i am lazy, the "cpu" only supports four different instructions:

  • nop does nothing
  • j <address> jumps unconditionally to an absolute address
  • addi <destination> <source> <immediate> adds an immediate value (a number) to register <source> and stores the result in <destination>
  • add <destination> <source1> <source2> like addi but adding two registers


The cpu supports 6 registers which are normal javascript numbers.


Hazardtoy is based on Parcel, tailwindcss, and Alpine.js

To start a development server, run:

npm install
npm start

To build for production:

npm ci
npm run build